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Zombie Driver Walkthrough Mission 3: MEATBALL

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Upgrade the vehicle.

Here we are.

Take the weapon required.

Get to the destination shown on the map.

Run over the zombies on the way.

Look out for the health icon.

Take it.

We have reached the place and found this thing.

Listen to the conversations.

Kill all the zombies on the way.

Shoot at the thing.

Look out for the mass it throws.

Here it is.

Look for health icon if car is damaged.

Here it is.

Take it and shoot the thing.

Here we go.

Finally it dies.

Its gets blasted.

It is dead.

Now get to the base.

Run over the zombies on the way.

Here we are at the base,park at the spot.

Here we go.

Look for bonuses.

Mission accomplished.