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Zombie Driver Walkthrough Mission 1: FAT CAT

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This is military base.

"Here is our car.

The icon in green is health for car.

Take it .

Get to the location shown on the map on bottom right corner.

Run over the zombies coming on the way.

Here we are.

Take the health capsule.

Here we go.

Now we are at the location.

You can see the zombies marked in red circles.

Here is our mayor car.

Listen to the conversations.

The gate opens.

You can carry only one weapon,So take one.

Here we take missiles.

Kill the marked zombies.

Here we go.

Don't let the zombies near or they will try to destroy the car.

Kill all the zombies by taking weapons.

All zombies are dead.

Here we go.The chopper comes and takes mayor to safety.

Take the health icon.

Then take the weapons if any.

Now return to the base .

Check for the shortest route.

Run over the zombies on the route.

Here we reach base.

Park at the green marker.

"Mission accomplished and awarded.