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ZyXEL Router Passwords

A complete list of usernames and passwords for ZyXEL routers.

Find Your ZyXEL Router Password

Finding your ZyXEL router's user name and password is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Find Your ZyXEL Router Model Number

    Look in the left column of the ZyXEL router password list below to find your ZyXEL router model number.

  2. Find Your ZyXEL Router Username

    Look one column to the right of your router model number to see your ZyXEL router's user name.

  3. Find Your ZyXEL Router Password

    You know the drill. Look another column to the right to find your ZyXEL router's password.

Great! You've found the password and username for your ZyXEL router! What next?

Login to Your ZyXEL Router Using the Router Password

Try logging into your ZyXEL router using the username and password.

Don't Know How to Login to Your ZyXEL Router?

You can login to a ZyXEL router in three easy steps:

  1. Find Your ZyXEL Router IP Address

  2. Enter Your ZyXEL Router IP Address Into an Internet Browser's Address Bar

  3. Submit Your ZyXEL Router Username and Password When Prompted By Your Router

For more information on how to login to your ZyXEL router please see our Free Guides.

Still can't login to your ZyXEL router even when using the username and password for your router?

Reset ZyXEL Router Password To Default Settings

(Use this as a last Resort!)

ZyXEL Router Password List

Model Default Username Default Password
660H-61 1234 
AMG1202-T10Anone 1234 
C1000Zadmin on router sticker 
C1100Zprinted on bottom of router printed on bottom of router 
EQ-660Radmin 1234 
HS-100Wadmin admin 
IAD-P2602blank admin 
NBG-334Wnone 1234 
NBG-415Nadmin 1234 
NBG-416Nadmin 1234 
NBG-418Nadmin 1234 
NBG-419Nnone 1234 
NBG-4604admin 1234 
P 2601HNblank 1234 
P 2602Hblank 1234 
P 2602HWblank 1234 
P 2602HWblank 1234 
P 2602HWTadmin blank 
P 2602Rblank 1234 
P 2812HNUadmin 1234 
P 320Wnone 1234 
P 324NONE 1234 
P 330wadmin 1234 
P 330W EEadmin 1234 
P 334WTnone 1234 
P 335WT blank 
P 336Madmin 1234 
P 660 D1 RoHS1234 1234 
P 660 RT 1 v3sadmin 1234 
P 660H T1admin admin 
P 660H T31234 1234 
P 660HN F1Z 1234 
P 660HN T1A 1234 
P 660HW D1none 1234 
P 660HW D1none 1234 
P 660HW T1none admin 
P 660HW T1none admin 
P 660HW T1none admin 
P 660HW T31234 1234 
P 660R D11234 1234 
P 660R D1 1234 
P 660R ELNKadmin 1234 
P 660R F1 1234 
P 660R T1none admin 
P 660R T1admin 1234 
P 660RT2none 1234 
P 660RU T1admin 1234 
P 661H D1admin admin 
P 661HNU F1admin 1234 
P 661HW D1user 1234 
P 662H D1 1234 
P 870HN 51badmin 1234 
PK5000Znone none 
PK5000Zblank blank 
PK5001Zadmin unknown 
Prestige 2302R unknown 
Prestige 2602H 61NONE admin 
Prestige 2602H 61CNONE admin 
Prestige 2602H 61CNONE 1234 
Prestige 2602HW 61blank admin 
Prestige 2602HWL 61blank admin 
Prestige 334NONE 1234 
Prestige 600admin 1234 
Prestige 600HW T1admin 1234 
Prestige 623admin 1234 
Prestige 623 41admin 1234 
Prestige 623MEadmin 1234 
Prestige 623R A1admin 1234 
Prestige 623R T1admin 1234 
Prestige 645Admin 1234 
Prestige 645R A1admin 1234 
Prestige 645R A2admin 1234 
Prestige 650admin 1234 
Prestige 650Hadmin 1234 
Prestige 650Radmin 1234 
Prestige 650R 31admin 1234 
Prestige 650R 33admin 1234 
Prestige 650R E1admin 1234 
Prestige 652admin 1234 
Prestige 652H 33 1234 
Prestige 653HWIadmin 1234 
Prestige 660HW 61unknown unknown 
Prestige 660HW T1admin admin 
Prestige 660HW T3admin 1234 
Prestige 660HW T3admin 1234 
Prestige 660HW61admin 1234 
Prestige 660HW67admin 1234 
Prestige 660ME61admin 1234 
Prestige 660R 61 1234 
Prestige 660R 61C 1234 
Prestige 660R 63 67C 1234 
Prestige 660R T1 1234 
Prestige 660RU T1 1234 
Prestige 660RU T3admin admin 
Prestige 792Hadmin 1234 
Prestige 960webadmin 1234 
Prestige 964webadmin 1234 
Q1000Zblank blank 
RP314admin 1234 
SP 660none 1234 
VFG6005Nadmin 1234 
VMG3926 B10Aadmin 1234 
VMG8324 B10Aadmin password 
VMG8324 B10Aadmin 1234 
VMG8924 B10Aadmin password 
X 550admin 1234 
X550N 1234 
X650admin 1234 
ZyAIR B 2000NONE 1234 
ZyAIR B 2000NONE 1234 
ZyAIR G 2000NONE 1234 
ZyAIR G 2000 PlusNONE 1234 
ZyWall 1NONE 1234 
ZyWall 10NONE 1234 
ZyWall 100NONE 1234 
ZyWALL 2 1234 
ZyWall 2WENONE 1234 
ZyWALL 35admin 1234 
Zywall 70NONE 1234