How to Port Forward in Your Router for Soulframe

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Soulframe is an Action, Adventure, Role-Playing, and MMO game published by Digital Extremes with a currently unknown release date.

Soulframe logo artwork
Soulframe logo artwork

Soulframe has the following styles of play.

Port Forward Soulframe

Most multiplayer games like Soulframe need a port forward. Usually various connection issues in multiplayer games are improved when you forward a port. Unfortunately we don't know which ports Soulframe uses yet. We are going to have to figure out which ports need to be forwarded first. We'll help you get started.

  1. Download and install Network Utilities. This is a free download.
  2. Launch Network Utilities, and then click the Port Finder button. Port Finder is free to use.
  3. Be sure to follow the instructions closely because finding game ports can be challenging.
  4. The ports that need to be forwarded in your router will be added to our site as soon as a site admin reviews them.

Which Ports Does Soulframe Require

Most applications will open up a port in "listen mode" only while the game is in some sort of a multiplayer mode. You'll want to leave the Port Finder application running for a while so that it can collect a list of all of the required ports that need to be forwarded needed.

The vast majority of games will open the same port in "listen mode" every time, as opposed to a random numbered port. Once we know which ports the game listens on then we know exactly which ports to forward in your router.

Occasionally a game will require a very large number of ports to be forwarded because it opens up a random port within a range. Over time we should be able to figure out that range because we'll notice that all users need a port open in the same range.

How Port Finder Works

This is a brief rundown of all the things that Port Finder will do:

Our servers will collect all of the incoming ports that need to be forwarded used by multiple users and intelligently combine them into a single list of ports required. This will become the list that we recommend everyone forwards in their router.

We will list any new ports found for Soulframe on this page as soon as we know them.

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