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Amnesia A Machine For Pigs Walkthrough Chapter 13: Farming the World

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Open the door and go to your right.

Go through the door at the other side of the stairs.

Press the button to open the vault door.

Go right or left, you'll end up at the bottom of some stairs, go up and move along.

You'll enter a room with some rather large cylinders. Push the one to the very left down into the spinning gears to stop them.

Go back to where you open the first vault door, climb the ladder next to it.

Grab the spotlight and point it to the glass container in the middle.

Proceed to the right to find a pigman killed by electrocution. Jump down onto the crates.

Run and jump to the staircase.

Flip the switches to their opposite direction.

Turn the crank so the light becomes red.

Do the same with this panel as you did with the previous.

Turn around and go into the tunnels.

Go all the way to the end and into the tripery.

Go down the ladder.

Walk along the corridor and turn left.

You'll meet your children at the end.

Keep moving forward.

Get in the elevator in the middle and pull the switch.