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Amnesia A Machine For Pigs Walkthrough Chapter 9: From Tide to Spine

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Down the way you'll find a phonograph. When you're ready, go ahead and keep following the path. It's a pretty linear area.

Up the first ladder.

After you've come down from the second ladder, take a right on the catwalk.

Up the third ladder.

Into the auxiliary pump controls.

Turn the valve at the end of the room.

Go back down the ladder.

Go to the right, into the previously closed area, across the catwalk.

Take a right here.

The catwalk will collapse, making you fall in the water filled with monsters. Turn right and keep running while sticking to the right railing.

Quickly up the ladder.

To the left, up the short staircase.

Enter the main pump controls.

You'll see a gear on the floor. Pick it up and put it inside the pump in front of you.

The other missing gear will be to your right. Pick it up and plug it in the pump.

Now turn the valve next to where the second gear was.

Go back down the ladder. You'll notice the water has been drained, so it's safe.

Keep going through the catwalk and you'll reach another vault door. Turn the valve to open it.

Push the lever behind, turn the left wheel, pull the front lever, turn the right wheel, pull the lever behind and continue.

Through the glowing door.