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Amnesia A Machine For Pigs Walkthrough Chapter 6: And so to The Stoking

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Open the door and push the crate out of your way.

Enter the factory.

There's a phonograph to the right. When it's done, go down the stairs in the middle.

Follow the path and take the stairs up.

You'll receive another phone call. Answer it then go back down.

Now take the stairs down, to the right of the previous.

Crouch through the gate.

To the right there'll be and open furnace. Close it and push the button.

Enter the piston control room.

Slide the doors to furnace 3, on the left.

The furnace will need at least 2 chunks of coal to work. Close the door and press the button.

Enter the room where furnaces 5 and 6 are.

Grab a chunk of coal from near furnace 5, on the left side.

Take it to furnace 6 on the right and throw it in. Grab the other chunk of coal near the furnace, put it in, close the door and push the button.

Back track to the previous room and push the three levers in the middle.

Back to the room with furnaces 5 and 6, crouch through the partially open gate and get to the bottom of the stairs.

The pigman is in this area so best switch off your lantern now and crouch.

Stick to the right side wall of this area and move ahead.

You'll eventually reach a narrow corridor. There'll be a pigman waiting at the end.

Hide in the dark corner to your right, between the barrels.

Wait for him to pass then move ahead.

Jump down into the coal pile.

Follow the conveyor belt to the left.

You'll find a small elevator. Slide the door open, get in and press the button.