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Amnesia A Machine For Pigs Walkthrough Chapter 3: Against the Rising Waters

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When you're awake, go into the door in front of the collapsed stairs.

Make your way forward, there'll be another phone ringing, answer it and keep going.

You should come into a machine with a broken fuse.

Enter the room to your right and go to the end to find a wheel, turn it clockwise so that you can see a wood frame incline onto the ground in the area ahead.

You will also find a new fuse on one of the box crates.

Go back to the machine, replace the fuses and push the lever to switch it on.

Go back to the area behind you and make a left, through the open gate.

Go beneath the wooden frame and pull the handle on the wall.

Barrels will roll down and you'll be able to go up.

To your right there's another machine, this one with a working fuse, so just push the lever.

Back track down until you find a gate that was previously closed and go through.

Keep following the path to find another machine at the end of the catwalk with a broken fuse.

Go to the room where you found the first fuse, grab another one and make your way back to the machine.

Replace the fuses and push the lever then keep going along the path beyond the gate that just opened behind you.

You'll come into a phonograph and a large vault door. Turn the wheel counter-clockwise to open the door and go in.

Push the lever forward.

Pull the front lever down.

Wait until the steam is gone, then turn the right wheel to open the right door.

Finally, pull the lever on the back.

Go on through and open the door at the end of the way to access the next area.