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Amnesia A Machine For Pigs Walkthrough Chapter 1: Waking the Doll's House

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You will be given control of the character as he regains consciousness. Move towards the door and pull it open. Keep moving forward, turn right and go through the second door to your left.

Reach the top of the stairs and get to the end of the corridor.

Pull the string of the attic door and go up the staircase.

Move around the corner to your right to find your trusty, limitless source of light: The lantern. (Press F by default to toggle it on and off).

Continue moving forth and then to your left you'll see a big, heavy box. Grab it and pull it back with your movement keys.

You are now able to go through a small gap on the wooden wall. As you make your way forward, you'll see a box blocking your path. Push it forwards but be careful not to do it all the way, or you won't be able to fit through.

As you come out of the opening, turn left and as you go along the corridor, to your right you'll see a staircase leading downwards.

At the bottom you'll find a phonograph standing over a small table, one of eight scattered throughout the game.

You should hear a piano playing. Walk towards it and watch the earth shake.

Now enter the door to the right of the piano, continue walking along the corridor and into the room at the end.

You'll hear a phone ring; answer it. When it finishes, look for three rifles mounted on a wall near the desk.

Pull the last rifle (top to bottom) upwards.

A secret door will open around the corner.

Go in and follow the path until you find a wooden lever on the wall. Pull it to reveal an exit at the end of the corridor.

Move along and click on the glowing door to access the next area.