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Amnesia A Machine For Pigs Walkthrough Chapter 7: In the Nest of Eggs

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Out the elevator, you'll get another phone call.

Go down the stairs.

You'll get to a centrifuge room with two corridors. Take the one on the left.

At the end of it there's a barrel. Pull the lever and a canister will come out.

Take the canister.

Put the canister in the tube and pull the lever.

Run back to the centrifuge room.

Go into the other corridor.

Make your way to the other end of the holding pens and through the door.

You'll notice a locked door at the top of the stairs.

Continue walking to the right, turn around and the door will suddenly open. Go through it.

You'll encounter a pigman waiting ahead. Try running past him until you get to the stairs. He won't follow you there.

Answer the phone ringing next to the elevator.

Go up the stairs to your right.

Grab one of the canisters, put it in the tube and pull the lever.

Follow the path to your left.

You'll end up at the top of the stairs you went through previously.

Walk along the catwalk and keep going ahead.

You'll end up in the centrifuge room. Grab the canisters from the tubes and put them in the small containers of the centrifuge.

Once you put the canisters, press the button near the centrifuge.

Grab the canister containing the resulting substance.

Go upstairs and in the room on the left, touch the lock on the gate with the canister. The lock will disintegrate and you'll be able to go through.

Keep moving ahead.

Drop down to access the next area.