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Amnesia A Machine For Pigs Walkthrough Chapter 5: Livestock and Bibles

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Walk along the corridor and into the left door.

Up the stairs, you'll come into a phonograph. When it's done, go in the area with two doors, on the left.

Take the right door.

Make your way to the altar.


Behind the altar you'll notice there's a missing candle.

Go back the way you came from and take the door to the right.

Grab the candle from the shelf then return to the altar area.

Plug the candle in its place and turn them both.

Enter the furnace room to the left.

Pull the lever, then back to the altar.

Go down and follow the revealed path.

At the end, take a right when you reach the cage.

Down the stairs, you'll have to follow the pigman.

The monster is patrolling the area ahead. Crouching and lantern off is recommended.

Wait for him to pass then keep moving ahead.

Take the door at then end and be free. For now.