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Amnesia A Machine For Pigs Walkthrough Chapter 2: In Lily's Honour, a Banquet

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Move ahead and down the staircase to the left and then into the area on the right.

There will be another phonograph on the billiards table.

Proceed through the right door.

As make your way along, answer the ringing phone.

When it's done, go back to the previous room and into the other door.

The door straight ahead is locked, ignore it and go into the door to the right of it.

You'll see a painting, open it and pull the lever behind it.

A secret path will open to your left, follow it and you'll encounter a valve; turn it clockwise.

Now go back to the corridor and through the door on the left that leads outside.

Go along to the other side and into the door there. You come into a trophy room.

In this room, go to the trophy of the bear to the right and notice that you can move it to the right wall and it will reveal another secret passage.

When you go in you'll see another valve. Do the same as before.

Go back out to the trophy room then proceed to head out the open way in front and you'll come to a large dining room.

Then, go in through the door on the right, where the phone was.

Head out the door opposite to the phone that leads outside and finally through the door at the end.

Keep moving straight through the catwalk and follow the path.

Pull the door open then go to the front of the truck and down the staircase to its right.

As you go down the other staircase ahead, a pipe will fall onto it making it collapse, putting you unconscious.