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Amnesia A Machine For Pigs Walkthrough Chapter 8: This Leaking World

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Proceed to the left.

Continue into the narrow tunnels.

Turn right where the path divides and follow it.

Turn the valve so the light comes on.

You'll get a call in the phone behind you.

Go into the tunnels again and take a left.

Turn left again and you'll se a new passsageway has opened. Go through it.

Keep on walking forwards, sticking to the right side wall.

Go across the catwalk to the left then go left again at the end.

Up the steps and to the left.

Take a right, then left inside the tunnel.

Turn the valve, the light will come on, just as before.

Now retrace your steps and take a right outside the tunnel.

You'll find a vault door. Turn the valve to open it.

Go inside and push the lever.

Turn the left valve until the door closes.

Pull the lever in front and wait until the steam goes away.

Turn the valve on the left to open the next door.

Pull the lever behind you and continue going forth.

You'll run into some sort of pigmen holding cells.

Proceed through the last door on the left.

Through the door at the end.

Then out the door on the left and down the ladder.

Keep going down and down through the ducts. Doesn't matter if you choose left or right, you'll end up in the same location.

Finally, through the glowing door.