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Amnesia A Machine For Pigs Walkthrough Chapter 10: The Children, Dancing

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Open the gate.

Into the narrow corridor.

Take a right when you see the sign.

Go all the way down the steps.

Get in the elevator and pull the switch down.

Enjoy the ominous music.

When you reach the bottom, enter the rod control room to the right.

You'll come into the last phonograph.

When you're done listening, turn around to see a panel full of switches. Flip all of them to the left, but you'll notice that switch 3 won't move.

Go around the left corner, down the ladder, make your way to the bottom.

Open the hatch, then go back upstairs to the panel.

You can now flip the switch and all the rods will be in place.

Go back to the catwalk where the elevator is and take the stairs up.

Enter the room and push the lever with the green light.

Wait until the red light of the other lever turns green, then push it.