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After being placed back in your crib, turn around and point towards the beach ball behind you. Press and hold RB then remove the ball from the tunnel and crawl through it.

Exit into the otherside of the tunnel and turn left, you'll see a red and blue platform. Stand in front of the platform and climb up by pressing A.

Climb up the fence and drop down on the opposite side, then make your way to the drawer where your mom placed the gift box. Once there, point to the bottom most drawer and press RB then drag it open.

Climb up the drawer and lift the gift box. Keep dragging the box until it falls on the floor, you'll find that it's empty.

Turn around and head for the chest near your crib. Lift up the cover of the chest and you'll find Teddy inside.

Follow him over to the otherside of the room and he'll ask you to cover your eyes. Press ESC to do this and you'll be brought to the game menu.

Press ESC again to leave the game menu and head towards the back of the chest that you found Teddy in. Drag the pink elephant from behind it.

Follow him once again towards your crib and pull out the bottom drawer. Climb up the drawer and interact with the musicbox.

Eventually Teddy will start heading towards the book to the left of your crib. Follow him and listen to his story, then head for the train and press the red button to start the train. The button is near the caterpillar.

Teddy will now ask you to carry him. Put your pointer at him and press RB to carry him.

Head towards the closet at the foot of your bed and push the stool towards the left. Then drag the closet door open and hide inside.

Once inside the cabinet, click on the door again and drag it towards you. You have to shut the door completely or it won't trigger the next scene.

Hug teddy and make your way to the back of the cabinet. Teddy gives off a faint light whenever you hug him, which can help you navigate through dark areas.

You'll eventually find another door and you mom will come and get you. It'll be bed time after she finds you.

Nightmare - Home

After the cutscene head out into the hallway and you'll find a stool standing in front of the door. Remember that you're a 2 year old toddler and not exactly tall enough to reach the handle.

Push the stool in front of the door and climb on top of it. Point and press RB on the door handle to flip the switch, then push the door open.

In the next hallway, you'll see a door that's slightly ajar. Enter it to find the washing machine, and unplug then open it. You'll find teddy inside.

Leave the laundry room and head for the stairs. It's blocked by a baby fence, drag it open and start climbing own those stairs.

Keep going to the opposite side of the hallway and you'll get to the living room. From there turn right and you'll find the kitchen.

Inside the kitchen, drag one of the chairs towards the door and flip the handle to open it.

Turn right and continue down the hallway until you find the only open door at the very end of it.

Continue towards the back of the room and you'll find another open door beside the filing cabinet. Now you're inside a walk in closet, use the drawers to reach the handle on the door and proceed inside your mother's bedroom.

Stand up and climb on top of the bed, then pull the covers down to find that your mother has disappeared. Wait for the door to open, then head out into the hallway.

You'll find some sort of black stain on the floor. Follow it back to the kitchen and into the living room where you will find something interesting.

Head back into the hallway that leads into the stairs and you'll find that the storage under the stairs is now open. Enter through it and pass through the silver like liquid.

Climb down the stairs and take the item that the memory of your mother is holding, then proceed through the hole behind her and drop down on the tunnel.

You'll find yourself in a strange area. Proceed through the wooden planks and a playhouse will be waiting for you on the otherside.

Teddy will offer to open the door for you. Pick him up then click on the small opening on the door to push him through and he'll open the door.

Listen to Teddy, then follow him to the machine on the left side. Press up on your Directional Pad and press RB to select the pendant in your inventory.

Close the door afterwards and point at the valve on the right side of the machine. Spin it around until the machine starts up.

Head over to the door and click on the little blue teddy bear icon at the bottom of it. Click on the glowing icon to make Teddy put his paw in and the door will open.

Pick Teddy up againd and head into the room. Drop down on the tunnel inside the door to get to the next chapter.

The Playground

Crawl forward and keep going until you get to the roundabout, which is of course stuck in place. To the right of the roundabout is stone in the shape of an owl, take it and the roundabout will move.

Proceed crawling forward and you'll eventually find the second memory way across the otherside. When you see the memory, take a right and keep going down the tunnel and into the playground.

Immediately after sliding down, you'll find another owl stone and a seesaw right in front of it. Take the owl and interact with the catapult to find that you need more owls in order to use it.

Crawl down the hill, towards the left side and keep going until you see a small shed that's open. Enter the shed and grab the third owl.

Exit the shed and you'll see that the fence to the playground is now open. Go through the door and turn left, you'll see some pebbles on the side of the road, follow them.

As you walk on that path you'll find another roundabout that's stuck in place. Look to your right and you'll see some stones, start climbing up on them and drop down on the opposite end.

Around the corner of the roundabout is another owl stone, which makes for 4 pieces now. Head back to the center of the playground.

When you get back to the playground, you'll find some shoe prints on the ground. Follow them into the fenced area and drag the smaller box out of the way to reveal a hole behind the fence.

The area is dark, so hug onto Teddy and proceed forward into the secluded area and turn right. You'll find a tunnel there, drop down on it.

Follow the narrow path and you'll eventually find a pit fall. You can either lean a little forward and grab the owl from the otherside or go around and walk on the plank to get to the owl safely.

After taking the owl follow the path on the right side and keep going until you see the exit. Remove the piece of wood that's locking the door. Exit the tunnel and turn right to get back to the playground.

Once you get back to the entrance of the playground, turn right and you should see another path right between the fenced area and the first path you took. Take that path and you'll see a chest that's held shut by a rock.

The rock is too heavy for you to lift, so climb up on the tree stump to the right side of the chest.

Look up and you'll see a tire that's hanging from a tree branch. Drag the tire out of the tree and it will hit the rock, causing it to fall off of the chest.

Place all 6 owls in place and climb up on the otherside of the see-saw and climb onto the platforms at the right side of the seesaw.

Make your way around the tower until you get to the top, then head for the bridge and keep walking towards the black and white area on the otherside.

Crawl through the path and take the musicbox from the memory of your mother, then proceed through the path behind her.

Get into the tunnel at the end of the bridge and you'll find another pipe that you can climb down on. Climb through it to get back to the playhouse.

Once you're back, place the musicbox inside the machine again and crank the valve until the machine places the musicbox in one of the tubes by the door.

Teddy will automatically open the door for you this time. Head through the door and drop down the tunnel again to get to the next area.

House in the Forest

After passing through the kitchen go towards the door behind the island counter and you'll see the main door. Approach the main door and watch the ending. Who knew this game was a lot more than what meets the eye.

Navigate through the corridor and around the first corner, there's an open door on the opposite side of the corridor. Enter through it.

After passing through the door you'll find yourself in a peculiar room. Head over to the center and climb up the tree stump, then remove the piece of cloth from the tree to reveal a puzzle.

Turn around and look to the left side, you'll find a red frame with white paper inside it. Approach the frame and you'll find a piece of the puzzle on the right side of the frame.

Head back to the puzzle and open your menu. Place the puzzle piece on the lower left side of the puzzle and the roots on the right side of the hall will disappear

Crawl towards the left side and head for the portrait at the end of the corridor. When you get close to it the portrait will fade and you can go through the frame.

Make your way across the bridge, and towards the swamp. Once you get there, look to the left and you'll find a small crate floating in the water. Use the crate to get to the otherside.

Turn right as you climb on the opposite end and start walking in that direction, now look to the left and you'll see a hole. Crawl through the hole and you'll find yourself in a well lit area.

Approach the tree and pull out the lowest drawer, now use the other drawers to make your way up and towards the window. Open the window and climb through it.

After dropping down on the other side of the mirror, keep walking up the road and turn right when you get to the top. You'll see a pair of chairs that are stacked near each other, climb up on them and crawl through the small opening.

Drop down near the fireplace and head down to the rubble that's connecting the opposite sides of the room. Enter through the small hole on the left side of the rubble.

Head around the drawer and you'll find a vent that's covered with a golden grate. Click on the grate and pull on it to open the vent.

Grab the puzzle piece inside the vent and exit through the grate right beside it.

Outside, you'll find another tree with some drawers on it. Pull on the drawers and use it to climb up the third drawer, then look to the left and you'll find a tunnel there.

Drop down the tunnel and you'll find yourself back at the first tree with the drawers. Crawl back through the tree trunk on the left side and make your way back to the main house.

Crawl back through the portrait and place the puzzle piece into the hole on the lower right side of the puzzle. The roots on the right will disappear now.

Once again head through the portrait a the right side of the hallway.

Enter through the door that will open on the right side and you'll find a grate that you can open just beyond the bed. Crawl through it to get to the next room.

Drag the chair towards the door and open the handle, then go through the door. After exiting back into the hallway, turn right and approach the window.

Climb up on the stool and turn left, then click on the doorknob to open the door and head inside the room.

Inside the room you'll find that the floor near under the bed is damaged, leaving a hole down to the ground. Drop down the hole and keep crawling until you get to the exit.

Head for the well and climb up on the stool beside it. Turn the lever until the pail is leveled with the collapsed part of the well, then climb down the chair and take the puzzle piece as well as the key inside the pail.

Start walking towards the fence just beyond the well. Climb up the tree stump and use the key that you found in the well to open the lock.

Now keep walking forward on the main road and cross the bridge at the end of it. There's a small hole on the right side of the building.

Squeeze through the hole and move the small wooden box towards the shorter barrels on the right side of it. Climb on top of the crate and onto the barrel, then grab the green key from the tree root.

Wait for the banshee to leave, then squeeze out the hole again. Go across the bridge and back to the road you took coming to the house. Keep your eye out for the banshee and stick to the left side of the path (away from the water).

When you get near the book stand with two candles on it, take the path to the left and keep yourself near something to hide in, either broken barrels or under tables.

Keep following the path and evetually you'll find two trees with a candle on each of them. Take that path and head for the fence, pull out the drawer from the tree and unlock the fence.

If you see any sort of flickering on your screen, hide inside the tree trunk nearby. If not then continue towards the bridge and cross it.

On the other side of the bridge you'll find a stool, climb up on it and climb up on the barrel right beside it. Now open the window and climb through it.

Luckily that window is near the portrait that leads into the main hall. Climb up the armoire and climb back through the painting.

Place the last piece of the puzzle in and head for the last portrait in the area. Climb through the portrait and you'll be in some sort of library.

You need to get to the otherside and the road leading to it is to the northeast. Unfortunately the banshee is loitering around the area, use the bookshelves as hiding spots as you make your way to the bridge.

Keep crawling, don't stand up cause the space underneath the bookshelves is just enough for you to crawl under. If the banshee spots you, hide under the shelves and she'll move on if she can't find you.

Head towards the candle on the right side of the river and you'll find the bridge that will let you cross to the other side. Just keep yourself under something while you look around the area and banshee won't find you.

Turn left after crossing the bridge, then keep following the path unti you see an open door at the end of it. Head inside the room and hide under the bed. Don't do anything, just hide under the bed.

Wait for it to leave, then look at the stool near the bed and push it out of the way. Open the grate behind it and quickly climb through.

Head into the memory and take the book from the memory of your mother and drop down on the tunnel right beside it.

You know the drill by now. Head back inside the house, place the memory inside the machine and head into your next adventure.


Crawl forward towards the small crawl space right in front of you and you'll find yourself in a larger room.

Look to the lower right and you'll see a part of a door that's brightly lit. Climb down towards it and open the door, then head inside.

As you enter the door turn left and climb up on the boxes, then turn left again when you get to the top and push the door open.

Remove the lock from the side of the grate and a platform will come springing out of it. Turn to the left and climb up on the white box, then get on top of the long platform from there.

Make your way to the other end of the platform and drop down on the knocked over grandfather's clock on the right side, then start heading towards the table and climb up on it.

Use the second grandfather's clock to climb up to the higher floor and proceed towards the light on the other end of the corridor. You screen will distort, but don't worry. The monster here doesn't really harm you unless you break an alcohol bottle.

Turn left towards where the light is pointing and look to your left once you get near the purple door and you'll find another door, open it and go in.

Drop down from the door and enter the only other door below, now crawl through the closet and bring out Teddy if you must. Follow the black liquid until you get to the exit.

Once again drop down from the exit and grab a tennis or baseball, then throw it at the glass bottle that's in front of the cloth mound.

After the bottle falls, wait for the distortion to disappear and grab the moon from the floor. Now head for the door and place the moon on it, then it will open.

Crawl towards the brightly glowing orange door and take a left as you approach it. Keep crawling and you'll find more black stains on the floor, follow them and open the closet at that they lead to.

Climb up the open hole in the closet and cross the bridge to get to the otherside where the mechanism is hitting a crate of bottles.

The crate is too heavy for you to move at the moment, so slowly remove the bottles one by one and put them at a safe place. Avoid breaking them.

You'll be able to remove the crate once there's only one bottle left inside. Move the crate to the side so that the mechanism can pass through the hole.

Head back into the closet and wait for the trench coat to disappear, then take a left around the corner where it came from.

Pull out the lowest and highest drawer then use them to climb up towards the mechanism that you allowed to pass through the hole.

Use the mechanism platform as a bridge and cross to the otherside of the room, then enter the small door on the left. Open the door right in front of that and you'll find yourself inside the kitchen.

Climb up onto the island counter, grab an apple and throw it at the bottle that's on top of the stove. Now you have a fraction of a second to get off of that counter and hide inside the island cabinet.

Once the trench coat is gone, grab the star and go back into the door that you came from. You'll notice that there are black stains on the floor which points to the left.

Climb up the table and drop down on the opposite end of it. Don't walk forward as you drop down, just turn left and open the door then head inside.

Get up the crate and make your way out from the only other door in that closet. Cross the bridge and open the door on the other end of it.

You'll immediately find black stains on the floor again. Follow the stains, just be careful not to break any bottles on your way.

If you're really bad at avoiding them, then grab the bottle and safely place it on the floor. It might take you longer but you'll be safer.

The trench coat will also pass through the corridors every now and then so hide inside cabinets and wait a second before continuing down the corridor.

Keep going through the corridors until you reach the slightly open closet door at the very end of it. Enter the closet and drop down from the door on the other end.

You'll find yourself near the door that you need to get to. Crawl to the other side of the plank that you're standing on then drop down on the left side of it at the very end.

Head for the door and open it, then go inside. Turn right and pull on the first drawer and use it to climb up to the table right next to it. Make your way way up to the elephant from there.

Climb back down the drawers and turn right. You'll find a small opening underneath the second shelf that you stepped on, head in through there.

Keep crawling forward until you get to the long hallway, enter the door on the left first and wait for the trench coat to leave the area.

When it's gone, leave your hiding spot and quickly go to the tunnel at the end of the corridor.


After losing Teddy, grab his arm from the floor and wait for the light to switch off.

The light will then turn on at a different spot, most likely right in front of you. Head towards that light.

Major plot spoilers are revealed in this part of the game, so just keep heading towards the light until you return to the playhouse.

Once you're back at the playhouse, put the pink elephant inside the machine and turn the valve until it goes into the door with the rest of the memories.

Since Teddy isn't around anymore, approach the door and use Teddy's paw that you picked up earlier and put it inside the small hole under the door. It takes a while to load so wait for the door to open.

Crawl through the darkness and open the door. Once you open the door you'll be back in your bedroom and it's already morning.

Head into the hallway and down the stairs and head into the kitchen to watch a scene.

After passing through the kitchen go towards the door behind the island counter and you'll see the main door. Approach the main door and watch the ending.