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Aquaria Walkthrough Open Waters : map III (Optional)

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Take the upper left path to Open Waters (map III), hit the save point.

Go down at the split, through a Leech filled tunnel. If they latch onto you, roll around [Hotkey R] or transform into Fish Form to dislodge them. Note that they won't even latch to you in Fish Form.

Enter the secret cave. At the top, a Chomper guarded a Song Plant containing a Perogi.

Continue on, until you find some steam vents. In Spirit Form, travel between them to nab the the King's Skull treasure.

Leave the way you came. Go down, you'll encounter another Chomper guarding a Song Plant. Now, it's time to head back into Open Waters (map IV). You can explore the rest of the area on your own, but it's not worth it because there's no more loots left.