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Aquaria Walkthrough The Arnassi Ruin (Optional)

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Save your game then make all the way to the top of the cave. Leap the rock into a little pool.

Crab Boss battle begin! It's pretty straight forward battle, so just keep shooting his weak spots on both arms.

Once both his arms are gone, he will leap into the air, charge a full energy blast as he's above you, then shoot his butt.

One more armor, unlocked! You can equip the Crab Armor by open your Treassure Menu.

Head towards the bottom right to track down a fish tunnel.

Ride the Ancient Turtle to a secret cave in The Kelp Forest.

I'm afraid there's no guide to defeat Simon as all you need is quick reactions. Right click to start the battle, then repeat the notes in a row. Any wrong note or take too long, you have to restart all over again. Keep trying and praying you did it right! :D

Soon that third cooking slot will be yours.

Head towards the bottom left area. Use Sun Form to reveal a secret cave by the left wall.

Inside is the Arnassi Statue treasure. Exit this area.