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Aquaria Walkthrough The Energy Temple

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Save your current progression at the Save Crystal.

Glide on, past the crack in the ground, past the current.

Once you enter the chamber, the door will close behind you, and a miniboss fight will start. The energy statue will emit a glowing symbol, repeat the notes. As each note is sung, energy bolts will be spawn, avoid it or use the shield to block. It is advisable stay near the end as there are too many to dodge.

When the glowing ball falters, the statue will sing the Energy Form Song. Repeat the song (Yellow, Brown, Orange).

You've obtain the Energy Form [Hotkey 2]. To enter Energy Form you just repeat the song that the statue sang. To shift back into Song Form, press 1 or X, or left right click on Naija.

Swim further along and you will get the chance to test out your new abilities. There is a Save Crystal room just off the first big chamber.

Save your game and to replenish your health as well.

Shoot the Moneye Squids, take out their nest to stop their onslaught. Switch back to Song Form and bind the rock in the lower passage. Transfer to your Energy Form again.

Here, you'll find a Song Plant containing a Leaf Poultice and Blue Plants.

Carrying on through the next chambers, you will come across a blue barrier. This can only be crossed in Song Form, so switch back.

Switch to Energy Form to pass an orange barrier.

To the right you can find a Scooter and a Blue Plant.

Ignore the passage on your left, instead down to the bottom. Charge a full blast and let go to charge the Energy Orbs. The doors are now open! To the right, there is a hidden Song Plant with the Spicy Roll recipe inside.

While in the left room, you'll find two Blue Jellyfish. Kill them as they drop a blue Mana Ball when killed, and often drop Jelly Oils too. Now head to the upper left passage you skipped just now.

Unlock the door by charge the energy orb. Continue left until you see two statues with empty sockets.

Defeat the Newtblaster, then head into the top right room.

Binding the orb then pull it down to one of the empty sockets. It'll slot into place.

In the bottom left room, mind the energy barriers as you glide through the room.

Keep following the path. At the split, you may want to collect some Jelly Oil in the little cavern on your left. Afterwards, move on.

In the next few rooms, you'll have to face the second Newtblaster. Kill it to get the Mana Ball, then absorb the Blue Plants as well to restore your health. Charge the energy orb to unlock the door to another chamber.

Carrying on through the next chambers, one more Newblaster's waiting for you. Kill it as usuall.

Past the horizontal energy barrier, you'll find a Blue Jelly and a Song Plant at the end of the south passage, .

The second orb is at the end of the left passage. Bind and drag it back safely.

Charge both orbs with your energy attack to open the horizontal barriers.

Go through, then use the Save Crystal as you have to encounter the Energy God afterwards.

Blast the Energy God as much as possible to make him move back to reveal an orb he was guarding.

Switch to Song Form and bind the orb. Take it far to the right to find its holder.

Switch to Energy Form, lure the boss to the energy blaster trap by swimming close to him, avoid his swipe and he will move forwards. Charge up the orb to hit the boss with the laser beam, do this twice.

After the second time he won't come near the trap any more. Hold a charged energy then move close, get him to swipe at you. Release the charge to deliver the final blow while his arm is in range of it.

Collect the Tooth dropped by the Energy God, and proceed to the left through the passage.

If you take the upper passage at the split, you'll find another empty socket. Add a 'socket 2' in your map.

Proceed right, add a 'bulb 1' marker. Keep going to find yourself back at the entrance to the Energy Temple. Continue to the open area.