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Aquaria Walkthrough Home Waters

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Below the entrance to Naija's House, there's a little opening with some dangerous anemone. Carefully swim through it.

You'll reach a dead-end passage. Now add a 'rock 2' marker. We'll be right back after this. Exit the tunnel.

By sticking to the left wall, you'll reach another tunnel with a huge boulder blocking the way.

Add a 'rock 3' marker.

Continue to the right, you'll find another Song Plant. Collect the small eggs quickly as Grouper will swim down to eat them when you break it. There's a little cave with a Song Plant just above your position.

If you take the upper path at the first fork, you'll find another blocked tunnel.

Add a 'rock 4' marker on your map. If you look carefully, there are a few dots on your map, it's actually a hint where you're suppose to go next. :)

Now, head to the bottom right passage. Follow it through, swimming through one current and avoiding another until you come to the...