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Aquaria Walkthrough The Song Cave

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The Song Cave. This is where you'll learn the Bind Song.

Take the left turn at the split as the right path is blocked. Avoiding the dangerous anemones, follow the path until you come to a large open chamber.

There's a hidden Song Plant behind the rock near the Ancient Door.

Swim further, you'll find a Save Crystal.

Further left are a Song Plant and a giant ceiling anemone.

Remark an 'anemone' marker here. Save your progression.

Make your way to the upper right area of the cave,

[Optional] Shoot the vase to get two Tasty Rolls, then grab the Mithala Doll treasure.

Make your way all the way down,

to find some ancient mural on the wall. It contains the same symbol as the door.

Get back to the door. Chant the same notes (Aqua, Purple, Yellow, Orange) to activate the door.

Swim right, as you can't get to that egg yet.

Touch the big blue crystal to trigger a cutscene.

After it's over, you've learned the Bind Song [Hotkey 0].

Head down into the chasm, then bind the rock to you to move it out of the way. Sing the song again to unbind.

Move into the chasm to find the Verse Egg! Sing it's colour to crack it. Absorb the health released for a permanent health upgrade. Exit to the Home Waters open area.

Take your time and have fun exploring Home Waters as there are lots of goodies for you to collect.

At the bottom right passage, you'll find another little dead-end cave with two Wallshooters and an orb. Remark as 'orb1' on your map.

Just above it, there's another opening that leads you to another dead-end passage.

Only this time, there's an empty statue beside the barrier. Add a 'socket 1' mark.

Head into a little cave at the top-right of the area. Move the rock,

you'll find an Ancient Turtle at the very back of the cavern. There are lots more Ancient Turtles for you to find. They act as the transport system of Aquaria, and when you find another one you will be able to travel back and forth very quick

Now make your way to the 'rock 2' marker. It's the tunnel just above Naija's Home with lots of anemones at the opening. Bind the rock to get to the The Energy Temple. Unmark the marker.