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Aquaria Walkthrough Secret Cave Passage

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As you proceed, the game will give you more tutorial. As you can see, there's a Song Plant at the other side of the area but you've been blocked by the large boulder. Ignore it for now.

In the next opening you will come across a Song Plant. Open it.

Sprint past the Crotoids to avoid them.

You can absorb Blue Plants to heal wounds.

Now you've learned the Shield Song [Hotkey 9], which protects you against ranged attacks.

Equip the shield, avoid the Kingcrab and the Wallshooter, or blast them by reflect the shoot with the shield. Take the upper right path at the fork through the current flows.

Open a Song Plant.

Go back through the current now and head south, you'll come across your first Save Crystal (which both heals and acts as a save point).

Continue left, you'll encounter the shadow.

You had a vision where you are in an alternate form, but will eventually get killed due to overwhelming enemies.

There's a Song Plant behind the rock. Continue left again to reach Home Waters.