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Aquaria Walkthrough The Kelp Forest : map III

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This time head up and right, past the Seawolf in his cave.

Continue on to come across several red plant bulbs. If you want to get the optional Verse Egg, right click on one of the bulb to discover an orb (in Nature Form). Bind it.

We're gonna head up at the split. But if you wish to skip it, just continue right through the tunnel to the next area.

[Optional] Slot the orb into its holder. Light it up with some energy blast.

[Optional] Defeat the large Bigmouth. Cling to walls to avoid being suck by the fish.

[Optional] Follow the fish tunnel to grab the Verse Egg and a Song Plant. Leave the way you came in.

Continue right at the split, watch out for the green Mermog and the poisonous purple Mermoths.