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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough Sequence 1: part 2

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Once you reagain control of Ezio, you will be on a horse and you need to follow Mario to the villa.

Once you've reached the villa, there will be three missions available. The first one is just a little to the left from the villa.

For this mission, all you need to do is pick up a box of flowers and follow the woman back to the villa.

The second mission is located right outside the gates at the stables. For this mission you need to catch Mario's escaped horse.

Wait untill the horse ran by you, then run towards it and press the mount button.

When you have mounted the horse, ride it back to the stables and into the white mark.

The final mission is on the castle walls, you can get there using the lift in front of the wall.

After talking to the guards at the cannons, run left on the wall until you have reached the sleeping engineer in the corner.

When the engineer decides to follow you, just walk back to the cannons.

After the engineer fixed the canon, you will be asked to shoot five targets. You can do this by highlighting the targets with your mouse/joystick and pressing the firing button.

After going back to the villa and a very long cutscene, you will find yourself on a galloping horse. You can move to the left or the right to get to the yellow mark on the map.

Once you've reached the mark, Ezio will get off the horse. Climb up the wall and run to the tower in front of you

Use the lift to get on top of the tower and select the hidden blade to air assassinate one or two attackers.

After your air assassination, equip your sword and kill the guards.

When you have killed the guards, run to the cannons and destroy the enemies' (remember you can destroy two or more with one shot).

After yet another cutscene you will need to run towards the villa, but since you can't climb becaus you're wounded and the city is being destroyed there is only one way. You will be attacked by enemies whom you can either kill (reccomended) or just run by them and hope they wont follow you.

If you've reached the villa, you will see Claudia being attacked. Kill her attacker and follow her inside.

Once you're inside, simply run down the stairs and the first sequence will be finished.