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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough Sequence 2: part 4

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Walk behind Machivelli without being detected by the guards (don't sprint or steal).

Walk up to the shop and buy the item's listed under 'armor' and 'small weapons'.

Now just keep following Machiavelli.

You will find multiple chests and collecaibles along the way, you can get them as long as you don't draw too much attention.

To kill the Borgia master, first kill all the guards surrounding him.

After the guards are killed, go to the Borgia master and grab him. This is not necessary, but it's easier and needed for 100% synchronization.

Walk up to the wooden structure and press the same button you used to grab him to throw him.

Go back to Machiavelli.

Climb up the tower using the ladder.

Ignite the barrels and let the cutscene play.

Now just walk Machiavelli to the stables and the mission will be over.