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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough Sequnce 2: part 7

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Run trough the big door in front of you. If you go left, you will find a flag (this is a collectable, it's not nescessary to complete the mission.

You need to go trough the door and take a right. then climb the small pillar as shown in the picture.

Jump from the pillar to the wall and move to the right.

Go around the corner and keep moving right.

When you can no longer slide to the right, eject back and keep moving across the ledge until you reach a horizontal wooden beam.

Get on the beam and jump to the white thing hanging from the ceiling.

Run trough the hallway and climb the small pillar.

Jump to the beam and over the gate.

You can use the thing hanging from the ceiling to get over the last gate and open the door via the handle.

Climb on the broken wall in the back of the room.

Jump to the wooden beams that are shown in the picture.

From the beam, jump to the pillar and move to the left until you can back eject to the statue.

From the statue, jump to the broken wall at the opposite side of the room and move to the right.

Keep moving to the right until you can't go further, then eject back onto the other statue.

Run over the hand of the staue and jump towards the wall.

Crawl up the beam and jump ahead to the iron staff coming from the wall.

Run towards the broken pillar and climb it.

Jump to the wall on the left side of the room and move to the right until you reach the little platform.

From the platform, jump to the ledge on the wall and move to the right.

Once you're in the position as shown on the screen, eject back.

Keep moving along the wall until you can eject back and grab the iron grab the iron staff coming from the wall.

After the cutscene, clim on the broken pieces as shown in the picture, and run along towads the wall.

Jump over the wall and run tough the hallway.

Climb on the small pillar at the other side of the hallway and face the iron staff.

Jump to the iron staff and jump from there to the wall.

Move left on the wall until you can go no further and eject back.

Move right across the wall and normally, you should unlock a checkpoint in case you fall.

Climb upwards as in the picture and eject back.

Get up the platform and run up the wall.

Clim to the upper ledge and move to the left. From there eject back and another cutscene will begin.

Climb up the wall next to the skeleton and grab hold of the wooden beam.

Jump from beam to beam until you can jump onto the wall that is shown in the picture.

Run to the end of the wall and jump towards the wooden beam.

Crawl ontop of it and jump to the balustrade on the left.

From the ballustrade, jump to the pilar. This should unlock another checkpoint.

From the pillar, jump to the wall and move to the left.

Once you have reached the end of the ledge, eject back onto the pillar.

Jump from pilar to pilar, another checkpoint should unlock.

Jump from the last pillar onto the wall. climb up and move left to get to the beam.

Crawl op the beam. You can jump left to get the flag, or to the right to finish the mission.

Once you're in the treasure room, you can loot the chests? Only the one on the shrine is necessary for the mission.

After the cutscene, climb on the ladder and press the 'interact' button.

Then simply follow Machiavelli to finish the mission.

For the final mission of this sequence, simply climb the tower and walk to the door.