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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough Sequence 2: part 6

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After the cutscene you will immediately be attacked. Since you can't take any damage if you want 100 % synchronization, i recommend equiping your sword, waiting for them to attack and then counter attack them.

After you have killed the attackers, walk down the stairs and go trough the little door.

When the cutscene is over, run on the broken pillar and move to the left. When you're inthe possition as shown in the picture, eject back on the other pillar.

From the pillar jump to the wall in front of you, then move to the right and climb on the platform.

From the platform you can jump to the first handle.

When you've activated the first handle, jump back to the platform you came from and sprint towards the other side of the room.

From the second handle, jump to the broken pillar in the middle of the room.

Once you're ontop of it, jump to the one on the right.

Climb ontop of it and jump to the pillar at your left, you normally should grab the ledge.

Slide left on the ledge 'till you can go no further (as shown in the picture), then climb up.

Slide left once again and when you can go no further, eject back.

You will land on a broken wall, from there jump to the platform on the left.

Activate the handle and go back.

Jump on the broken wall and walk to the pointy end closest to the half pillar.

Jump to the pillar, then jum the wall.

Move to the right on the wall until you reach the final handle.