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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough Sequence 3: part 1

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In the beginning you'll have the choice between 3 missions. I started with the one at the bottom of the map.

Before starting this mission i recommend getting either a crossbow or some throwing knives.

Since it's pretty far, call your horse and ride towards the mission.

Walk up to the door and enter to start this mission.

After talking to La Volpe, meet him on the roof that will be marked on your map.

After the cutscene, kill the guards. You can do this from the roof with your crossbow or throwing knives. If you don't have any, jump down and kill them with your sword.

When the guards are killed, run towards the group of people that you see in the picture.

Blend with the group of people and keep following them.

Move towards the people that aren't moving and face the same way as in the picture.

When you see a group of people walking towards the guards in the picture, run towards them and blend in with them.

Keep walking with them until you've reached the guards.

When you passed the guards, run down the stairs and towards the mark.

When you did this you will need to lose your notoriaty.

The easiest way to do this is to kill an eyewitness.

Then climb on the roof and rip the poster from the wall.

When you've lost your notoriaty, go back to your horse and ride to the mark on your map. Go talk to La volpe on the bench.

When you're done talking, just go talk to the architect and the mission will be over.