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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough Sequence 4: part 1

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Get on the boat in the river and peddle towards the mark.

Climb the pole shown in the picture.

Jump to the other pole and towards the ledge. Move towards the ledge.

Jump in the haystack and kill the guards that walks by.

Jump out of the stack and get the guards attention, then jump back in.

Kill the first one, the other one will just turn around.

Run towards him and kill him.

Climb the ladder.

After the cutscene, run up the wall and climb it.

Move towards the guard and kill him.

Run towards the haystack and jump in it.

Mind the guard.

Move towards the mark and drop down.

Move to the other side by jumping from obstacle to obstacle. Kill the guard with either a throwing knive or a crossbow.

Jump to the mark and climb up.

Make sure you kill this guard, or he will detect you.

Run over the ropes and towards the mark.Climb the wall, this should be pretty easy and self explanatory.

Once you've reached this point, hang from the beam, drop down and press the 'grab' button repeatedly.

Jump to this beam and climb up the wall.

Once you get to the mark, keep climbing upwards.

Once you're all the way on the top, climb up the roof.

Run towards the first guard and kill him.

Kill the second one with a throwing knive.

Drop down into the mark.

Run down the stairs and towards the mark, mind the guard behind the corner.

Run up the stairs at the end of the hallway.

Run towards the mark.

Kill the guards with your hidden blade, begin with he one in armor (as seen in the picture).

When the guards are dead, run back trough the door you came from and take a right on the stairs.

Climb the wall on your right.

Grab the ledge and move to the left. Drop down once you're over the fence.

Kill the guards that will attack you and run back to the woman.

Take her hostage, either by tackling her or just getting close to her and press the 'grab' button.

Walk down the stairs with her still as a hostage. When she runs away just tackle her and grab her again.

Put her down whenever the guards attack, kill them and grab her again.

Bring her back to the prison of Caterina.

Put Caterina down out of sight and kill the two guards in the hallway.

Grab her and run down the stairs.

Put her down when you see a guard and kill him with your hidden blade.

Take a right and keep going down, i recommend putting Caterina down and killing this guard with a throwing knive.

Kill the other guard with your hidden blade and throw Caterina down.

Kill the guard that is walking towards you by clicking the 'attack' button when he's close enough.

Carry Caterina trough the hallway, watch out for the guard.

Run towards the handles and open them.

Run wth Christina towards the stables and into the mark.

Once you're on your horse, follow Caterina over the bridge. Then just attack the guards until the time runs out and escape the area.