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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough Sequence 4: part 2

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Run towards the courtesans and follow the marks.

Keep running towards the directions the courtesans point.

When you're close enough, make sure he is highlighted and press the button to let your recruits kill him.

Go talk to the boy crying on the docks to start the next mission.

Go towards the marker and find your target using eagle vision.

Tail him by blending in with groups of people.

Once he starts sprinting, sprint behind him.

When he stops sprinting, blend in with the group that is seen on the picture.

Run behind him and make sure he is highlighted. Then call your assassin recruits to kill him.

Kill the remaining guards.

When the guards are dead, jump down and run up to the pigeon coop.Once you leave this menu, the mission will be finished.