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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough Sequence 6: part 2

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Follow Bartolomeo and his mercenaries.

Four guards will attack, just kill them and keep following the group.

When you're at the road block, you'll need to kill 3 guards. Begin with the one on the roof.

Run to the other roof and air assassinate the second guard.

Then just walk up to the third one and kill him.

For the second roadblock, begin with killing the one that is patrolling on the left.

Then just wak up to the one at the back and kill him.

You can now kill the third one anyway you like.

For the last 3, begin with jumping in the cart with hay and killing the first guard.

Then climb the back of the building and kill the second guard.

You can air assassinate the third guard from the roof.

Now just keep followoing the mercenaries inside the french camp.

After the cutscene, kill the attacking guards.

When the guards are dead, climb the one of the roofs and run towards the tower.

Kill the guards on the tower.

Run towards the other towers and kill the guards on them too.

Jump down and kill the four guards defending the gate.

Run towards the handle and open the gate.

Run trough the gate and go to the right. Kill the guard before he detects you.

Run up the building and kill the guard.

Climb on the roof and highlight your target.

press the 'attack' button to air assassinate him.