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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough Sequence 7: part 2

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Start by getting on a horse and following micheletto. Make sure you don't come too close to him or he will detect you.

When he stops, run to the side and climb up the wall.

Climb up the structures and run towards him.

When the cutscene is over, highlight your target and call your recruits to kill him.

You wont have a horse this time but you can easily follow him on foot.

Run to the side and enter trough on of the unguarded gates.

Get on the walls and follow him.

When you see a guard, you can kill them with your crossbow.

After the cutscene, make sure one of your targets is highlighted and call your assassins to kill them.

Jump down and follow him. You can take a horse, but once again this is easily doable on foot.

When he stops again, climb up the wall on the left side of the guards.

Run trough the window and a cutscene will commence. When the cutscene is over, immediately jump forward into the other window so he wont see you. From there, highlight the guards and let your recruits kill him. Then follow him again.

Once he reaches the colloseum, go towards the mark and start climbing it.

When you are at the top, a cutscene will commence and you'll have 5 minutes to kill 4 guards. the easiest way to do this is by hanging from the ledge as shown in the picture.

Get onto the broken parts of the wall shown on the screen and run along them.

Wehn you've reached the first guard, you can easily air assassinate him. The other 3 can easily be illed either with a crossbow or by sneaking up on them.

Jump down and into the mark. After the cutscene, simply walk towards the mark on your map.

Walk towards the middle of the patch of hay on the ground.

When you can move again, walk towards the patch of hay at the other side.

When you can walk again, walk onto the middle of the last patch of hay.

When the cutscene is over, use eagle vision to locate your target.

Walk towards him and kill him.

After the cutscene, carry the man outside and towards the doctor. Make sure the guards have passed or they will get suspicious.

After yet another cutscene, start sprinting behind the running man.

Any guards can be easily dodged.

When you are close enough, tackle the man.

When the cutscene is over, start sprinting towards the mark.

For 100% synchronization you can't swim, so use the bridge that you can see in the background of the picture.

For the final mission of this sequence, just enter the door of your hideout and let the cutscene play.

Sequence 8: part 1

Walk trough the mark to start this mission

Wait until the guard's back is turned at you, then run towards him and kill him.

Climb the ladder and climb ontop of the wall.

Make sure the guard had his back turned towards you so you can kill him.

Kill the other guard with either your crossbow or by sneaking up on him.

Climb the tower and walk into the mark.

Run right along the wall and kill the guard that's on the lookout.

Killing this guard is optional.

Climb the roof and kill the guard.

Drop down.

Jump from beam to beam until you get to the other side.

Kill the guard either with your crossbow, or by running on the wall and pulling him down.

Jump down and climb the stairs. When you're at the top, go towards the door and interact with it.

After the cutscene, run up the wall and grab hold of the ledge.

Move along the wall and sling from the iron pole towards the wooden beam.

From the beam, run up the wall and grab the ledge.

Move along the edge around the corner and drop down onto the wooden beam.

Jump from beam to beam until you reach the one in the picture.

Hang from this beam and move along the ledge.

Keep moving along the ledge until you've reached the iron pole. Swing towards the wooden platform.

From the platform, climb up. Watch out for the patrolling guard. Warning: there is another one around the corner.

Run up the stairs until you've reached the library.

Kill the guard that's walking around the room.

Climb the bookcase and go hang from the balcony.

Make sure the guard can't see you when you climb up. Kill him with your hidden blade.

Run towards the window, watch out for the guard.

Go hang from the window at the outside.

Move along the wall until you've reached the mark.

Go hang from the wall at the outskirts of the building and move along it until you've passed the guards.

Climb up the roof and jump towards the window.

After the cutscene, run down the stairs.

Keep running down and into the mark.

After Cesare closed the door, run back up the stairs and run up the wall. From there jump back onto the platform.

Jump from beam to beam and run up the wall.

Climb up the wall and just run past the guard.

Sprint up the stairs, ignore the guard.

Jump down from the tower into the haystack.

Jump out of the haystack and run towards the mark.

Jump over the wall and into the haystack.

Run towards the mark and trough the big doors. Ignore everyone that attacks you.

Run towards the mark, you can just wait there until you're anonymous.