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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough Sequence 9

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After a very short fight with the guards, get on your horse and ride towards the mark.

When your horse dies, continue on foot.

When you've reached the mark, kill the attacking guards.

Now repeat the previous step.

Climb the tower and go inside of it. Keep going up via the ladders and wait for the cutscene.

Run towards the last mark and kill the attacking guards.

Start climbing the second tower and climb up the wall.

Run into the mark and let the cutscene play.

To kill Cesare, break his defence and start hitting him repeatedly. Repeat this step until he's dead.

When the guards attack, kill them using chain kills.

After the cutscene, you will be controlling Desmond. Run up the stairs and activate eagle vision.

When you're at the theater, the parkour you'll need to do should be pretty self-explanatory.

Once you're inside, activate eagle vision and interact with the pillars.

Keep following the parkour path.

Once again, activate eagle vision and interact with the pillars.

When you're in the church, run up the shrine, climb the cross and jump towards the handle.

Activate the handle.

Jump from beam to beam until you reach the platform.

Activate the handle on the platform.

Jump down and go to the activation handle.

Run towards the big wall and wait for the cutscene.

Jump down and activate the handle.

Parkour to the handles and activate them.

When the 'walls' go back in the ground, you've activated the wrong handle. Climb back and activate the one at the other side of the pillar.

When all the handles are activated, run towards the apple.

After the cutscene, move forward.

When you're close enough, press any button.

After the end credits you will regain control over Ezio. You can get back to rome by leaving trough the door at your right.

You are now free to do whatever you want. I hope this walktrough was helpful and have fun playing!