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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough Sequence 4: part 3

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Go hire a group of sellswords.

Run towards the mark on your map.

Use eagle vision to locate the target.

Command your sellswords to kill the overseer.

Walk in the mark at the gate to start the next mission. WARNING: i recommend buying medicine before you start this mission.

Go hang from the back side of the cliff and drop down.

Run straight ahead, don't mind the guard on the tower.

Go left at the end of the end of the lane and keep running staright ahead.

Wait until this guard has his back towards you.

Climb the building.

Run towards the end of the building and walk over the iron ropes.

Jump from the building into the haystack.

Wait until this guard hashis back turned to you and sneak in behind him.

Walk to the blueprints and set them on fire.

Climb the boxes.

Jump towards the roof and grab on.

Climb up the roof and walk towards the end.

Hang from the ledge and drop down.

Ignite the barrels.

Run away from the barrels and into the mark.

After the cutscene, you'll find yourself on a horse. Just follow the carriage until the next cutscene.

The carriage will ride itself, all you need to do is steer.

When guards ride beside you, ride into them to kill them.

Just keep aiming and shooting at the guards until the mission is over. When you're low on life you can take the medicine to heal.

The start of the final mission of this sequence is at your hide out.

After the cutscene, walk up to the map and interact with it.

When you have left the menu, run towards the door and leave the building. This will end the sequence.