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Assassins Creed: Brotherhood Walkthrough Sequence 5: part 1

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Walk up to the brothel and talk to claudia to start this mission.

Run towards the mark on your map. After the cutscene, kill the guards that are attacking Egidio.

Walk towards the marks on your map, make sure you stay away from the guards.

When this mission is over, you can start the next one immediately. You will need 3000 florentines to start.

Go to the mark on top of the roof.

Jump from roof to roof tailing the guards and stealth assassinating the guards.

Once you've reached this point, just wait for the cutscene.

When the cutscene is over, jump down and run towards the back of the pantheon. Climb the broken column.

From the column, jump on the platform shown in the picture.

From the platform, climb up the panthon and run towards the mark.

After the cutscene, go hang from the ledge and climb down.

Keep climbing down until you've reached the ledge.

Run along the edge and air assassinate the guard.

Walk straigh forward into the first street.

Take the first street to your left.

Walk trough the street and take a right.

Go left at the split.

Go left again.

Go right.

Go left down the stairs.

Run across the market and past the right side of the church.

Go right up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs, go left.

Go right at the end of the hallway.

Keep following the street until you've reached the stairs at your left.

Run over the bridge until another cutscene starts to play.

Tail the guards, either by hiring the courtesans or just blending in with groups of people.

When you've reached this point, wait until the box has been passed on, then run up the stairs

Keep tailing the guards.

After the cutscene, hire the courtesans to follow you so you can blend in with them. Then go towards the mark.

If you've lost the courtesans, you can always kill guards using your recruits.

When you've reached this point, run towards the wall shown in the picture and climb it.

Drop down on the other side and another cutscene will commence.

After the cutscene, jump into the haystack and kill the guard.

Run up the wall show in the picture and climb over it.

Select your poison blade.

Run towards the guard and poison him.

Go sit on a bench and wait for the guard to kill 'The Banker'. After that just jump over the ledge into a haystack and the mission will be over.

For the last mission, just run in the marker and after the cutscene, this sequence will be over.

Sequence 6: part 1

After the cutscene, run towards a handle with as few guards as possible.

Kill all the guards around it.

When there are no guards around, try to close the gate. you will be attacaked but closing the gate only takes 2 seconds so it shouldn't be to hard.

When the cutscene is over, just get on a horse and follow Bartolomeo.

You can start the next mission immediately. NOTE: for 100% synchronization you will need the poison darts from Leonardo Da Vinci.

I started with the closest camp (shown in the picture).

Begin with killing the first pair of guards with your hidden blade. (NOTE: this is easier with the double hidden blade you can buy from Leonardo Da Vinci).

Locate the second pair of guards and sneak up on them. Make sure the guards inside of the camp can't see you.

Run to the side and poison one of the brutes with the darts.

While all the attention will be pointed at the brute, enter the camp and either sneak up on the guards (not reccomended since they might see you), kill the with the crossbow or poison some more and let them kill each other.

The second camp i took was the one closest to the first one.

Begin with killing the guards on the look-out towers with your crossbow.

Then climb the tower at the outside of the camp and poison one of the brutes.

Jump down and poison another guard. You then can easily kill the other ones.