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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Laying Low

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If you look on your map, you will see that there is a false witness near you. Run after him!

He will look slightly differet from other citizens, and he'll be the only one running from you.

Well he's running with good reason.

Getting rid of the false witness will drop your notoriety by 75%.

We just need one wanted poster to be at zero. So go to a wanted poster on you map, and press circle to rip it down.

Laying Low should now be synched.


Your mother and sister will follow you out of the city.

There are guards everywhere. Whatever you do make sure that you walk. Running will only bring them down upon you.

There are also these annoying bards that constantly get in your way.

Open up your wheel by pressing R2, and select your money pouch.

When these guys get in your way just throw some coin.

That will make them and everyone around you run to the coin. It really works well to clear the streets.

Look for the waypoint on your map, and go towards it.

When you get there, another waypoint will appear.

As I said throwing cash really clears the way.

Here's the next waypoint you need to get to.

Just keep walking and you will stay out of trouble.

Here's the second waypoint.

There's a whole line of guards blocking your way out.

Tell your mother and sister to wait by pressing triangle. Then walk close to a Courtesan group. Hire them. Target one of the guards and then press triangle again.

The girls will keep the guards distracted for quite a while.

Continue on to the next waypoint.

And the one after that.

Arrivederci should now be synched.

You should now be in Toscana 1476