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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Republica Fiorentina 1476 Codex Pages

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This is the first codex page location in this area.

Climb down to the street level.

There is a group of thieves standing around the corner. Hiring them will make getting the codex page easier.

The easiest way to get past these three guards is to just kill them.

Go back to the guards who are guarding the codex page.

When you get close they will attack you. The thieves will help distract them while you assassinate them.

When they are all dead walk in and collect the codex page.

Here is the second codex page in this section.

Once again, the best way to get this codex page is to fight it out.

When all the guards are dead, walk in and collect the page.

If there were courtesians around, we could use them to distract the guards. Since they aren't any nearby, we do it the hard way.

Now that we have both pages, the next step is to go to Leonardo's workshop. He'll decode the pages for us and give us some new skills. Of course you can only visit Leonardo at certain points in the game.