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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Fitting In

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Paola will teach you to blend.

Walk into a group of girls, and the area around you will become grey. You are hidden from guards when this happens.

Follow Paola.

She will walk by several groups of guards. Just keep walking. When the guards get too suspisious, blend with a group of citizens.

There are always plenty of people standing around in a group. Move from group to group as you follow Paola.

Really it's quite easy.

Eventually she will lead you back to where you started.

Next she will teach you to steal.

Don't start stealing until the counter appears in the upper left hand portion of your screen.

Then walk by people holding X. You will steal from the people you walk by.

After you steal, keep moving. You don't want to remain in the area, because they will figure out you stole from them.

When you have stolen from five people, you will complete the mission.

Fitting In should now be synched.