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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Jailbird

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Go to the back of the building your father is being kept in. It's easiest to climb it from the back.

This screenshot shows up several levels up on the back of the building where your father is being held.

Climb up to the ledge.

Work your way around to the left.

When you get here and the guard is on the other side of the roof, hop up on to the roof.

Climb up the scaffolding.

At the top you will see a ladder. Climb up the ladder.s

Jump on to the roof.

Run and climb up the tower door.

The guards will probably be yelling at you, but just keep climbing. They will forget about you when you get high enough. If they were my guards, I'd fire them. Grab the ledge shown in the screenshot and shimmy to the left.

After you round the corner, start climbing up.

You will reach the waypoint which is directly above you.

You'll get a cutscene of Ezio talking to his father.

After the cutscene Ezio will fall into a pile of straw.

Jailbird will be synched ending this mission.