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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Repubblica Fiorentina 1476 Feathers

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There's a feather on top of a very large church. If you are having trouble getting here, then look at the last entry in the treasure section for this area.

Feather 2 map.

Feather 2 photo.

Feather 3 map.

Feather 3 photo.

Feather 4 map.

Feather 4 photo. I accidentally jumped and fell in to the feather, so it's not shown in the photo here. It's close to the bottom of the bridge on a beam. Right above Ezio's head in the picture.

Feather 5 map.

Feather 5 photo.

Feather 6 map.

Feather 6 photo.

Feather 7 map.

Feather 7 photo.

Feather 8 map.

Feather 8 photo.

Feather 9 map.

Feather 9 photo.

Feather 10 map.

Feather 10 photo.