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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Repubblica Fiorentina 1476 Treasure

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Go to the art merchant and select treasure maps.

Buy the San Giovanni treasure map. That will put an icon for every treasure on your map.

This is what it will look like with no treasure collected. I'm going to show you a picture of the map followed my a picture of where the treasure can be found. I'll do that for every treasure on the map.

Treasure 1 map.

Treasure 1 photo.

Treasure 2 and 3 map.

Treasure 2 and 3 photo.

Treasure 4 map.

Treasure 4 photo.

Treasure 5 map.

Treasure 5 photo.

Treasure 6 map.

Treasure 6 photo.

Treasure 7 map.

Treasure 7 photo.

Treasure 8 and 9 map.

Treasure 8 and 9 photo.

Treasure 10 map.

Treasure 10 photo.

Treasure 11 map.

Treasure 11 photo.

Treasure 12 map.

Treasure 12 photo.

Treasure 13 map.

Treasure 13 photo.

"Treasure 14 map.

Treasure 14 photo.

Treasure 15 map.

Treasure 15 photo.

Treasure 16 map.

Treasure 16 photo.

Treasure 17 and 18 map.

Treasure 17 and 18 photo.

Treasure 19 map.

Treasure 19 photo.

Treasure 20 map.

Treasure 20 photo.

Treasure 21 map.

Treasure 21 photo.

Treasure 22 and 23 map.

There's three guards you have to beat up at treasure 22 and 23.

Treasure 22 and 23 photo.

Treasuer 24 and 25 are in the tower next to the church?

Go through this window to get to treasure 24 and 25.

Treasure 24 is higher than 25.

Drop down to the bottom of this inside area to get to treasure 25.

Treasure 26 and 27 map.

Climb on top of the church, and then look up at the round dome. This is the way up for these two treasures.

Climb up until you get to here.

Hang from the center spout. Then push your controler to your left.

Move your way up from here.

Jump to the spout on the right here.

Climb up the rest of the way.

Treasure 26 and 27 picture. Those are the last two treasures.

There's also a feather up here if you want to get it.