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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Judge, Jury, Executioner

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Make your way to the waypoint.

You will find the waypoint up on the roof.

You'll get a cutscene of two guys talking. The one on the right is Uberto.

They walk into a heavily guarded area. We'll need to get past those guards to execute Uberto.

Dive off the nearby plank into the haystack.

Get out of the hay, and blend with a group of citizens.

They will weave around the park. Stay with them for a while.

Turn left here. Join another group of citizens if you can.

Take another left. Here's another group of citizens you can hide in.

And another. Keep going down this way.

Jump over the rail, we are not ready to go in quite yet.

Turn to the right and move forward a bit.

Take another right here. You'll find a group of courtesans here.

Hire them and then go back the way you came.

It's important to stay away from guards, or you will lose some of the girls who are following you.

Move forward until you can see the guards guarding an entrance.

Lock on to the guards by pressing L1.

Then send the girls in to work on them. The'll distract the guards long enough for you to sneek in.

You'll find Uberto talking to a citizen. When you walk up to him, he will recognize you and start to call for the guards.

It doesn't matter, you are going to kill him anyways.

The guards are now alerted to your presence. You need to ditch them and quick. Don't try to fight them, because there are seekers here. They will counter your counter attacks, and you don't quite have the skills to deal with them.

So run fast.

If you see one of these screened rooms ditch into it. If the gaurds are not too close, you will complete your mission.

Judge, Jury, Executoner should now be synched.