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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Leave No Man Behind

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A red restricted area will appear on your map along with a waypoint. The waypoint is where the mercenaries are being held captive.

There are three guards guarding the first group of mercenaries. Take them out.

When they are dead go open the cage.

These guys are pretty happy you freed them.

So four of them want to stick with you.

Another restricted area along with a waypoint has appeared on your map.

As I get close I tell my mercenaries to wait here. I would rather take out the guards myself. Less mess.

Alone I manage to assassinate all but one of the guards.

These guys are really easy pickings.

The last guy gets disarmed.

You open the gate, and four more mercenaries will join you.

Another restricted area pops up, along with a waypoint.

Once again I leave my army behind.

I walk up and get the attention of the guards.

When they get close, I blend. They start to walk away.

I sneek up behind them, and take them out.

Rinse and repeat, as my dentist used to say, until the gaurds at the gate are dead.

I dagger the gaurds on the platform above the gate.

That leaves two more guards. I bring in my army to finish them off. Why not?

Release the last of the pent up mercs.

Leave No Man Behind will now be synched.