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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Hunting the Hunter

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A green circle will appear on your map. This is a fairly long mission, just because it takes so long to run between the markers.

When you get to the green circle there will be a speedy guard as your target.

He will take off running, and he will go straight to the roof tops.

Instead of chasing him run to this platform by the nearby armor merchant.

The guy you need to kill will drop on to this platform, and you'll be able to take him out easily. Other wise he's a pain to chase down, because he's fairly fast.

When you have killed him, loot his corpse. That will reveal another green circle on your map.

Here's the map location of the green circle.

Get on the roof tops here, and look for a somewhat hidden pile of hay in the green circle. Dive into the hay.

There's a dummy standing up here. Smells like you are being setup by a bounty hunter.

You can check the dummy with your eagle eye.

When you approach the dummy, guards will attack you. One of the guards is a swift guard with a knife.

That particular guard is the bounty hunter. Focus on killing him. When he's dead the rest of the guards will just walk away.

When the bounty hunter dies, Hunting the Hunter will be synched.