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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Caged Fighter

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A green and red circle will appear on your map on top of each other.

Go to the green circle.

This area is restricted so the guards will attack you on sight.

It's best if you take out the guards as quickly as you can.

Start by clearing guards from the rooftops.

The guy you are trying to break out is in a cage used to hold the little boats you ride around town.

Get the drop on these guards.

Kill the ones that don't run off, and then open the gate to let the prisioner free.

You will be attacked again, after a short cut scene.

Keep an eye on Bartolomeo's health. We need to keep him alive.

Take another look at your map. A new waypoint has appeared on your map. You need to get Bartolomeo to that waypoint.

As you walk towards the waypoint guards will attack you. Well you know what to do. They are pretty easy to take down.

They are easiest to take down with assassinations. So if you let them attack Bart, you'll get some free shots on them.

Keep moving towards the waypoint. Every group of guards you come across will attack you.

There's nothing tricky here. Just take them out as you come to them.

Eventually you will make it to the waypoint.

At this point two bad ass guards will come out to fight you.

They go down like all the rest. Really you only have to take out one of them. Then you can go stick your daggers in the back of the guy fighting Bart.

Caged Fighter will now be synched.