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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Having A Blast

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A green circle will have appeared on your map. The guy you need to steal the mask from is in that circle somewhere.

Your target comes out of a garden in the northern part of the green circle. Be sure to have some girls with you, or he will notice you right away.

Here's the map location where you can find the guy you need to steal the mask from. He is where Ezio is on the map.

Send some girls to distract the guy.

Then sneak up behind him, and take the mask.

A new waypoint has appeared on your map. Go to that point.

Ezio will put on the golden mask he has stolen.

Walk past the guards to enter the party.

Teodora will tell you that they are searching for the person who stole the mask. Well I didn't see that coming.

Hang out with some girls, until the guards who are searching for the mask arrive.

You'll get a cut scene of the guards ariving.

A timer will apear on your screen. You need to avoid the guards for an entire minute.

You can hang out with some citizens, but eventually you will need to move. The guards are seakers, so they will find you if you stay in one spot too long.

Hire some girls and use them to move around. If guards get too close, the girls will distract those guards.

There are lots of girls around here, so it's pretty easy to stay safe.

When the clock counts down to zero, your target will arrive.

Hire a group of girls, and bring them close to the ship.

They will distract the guards close to the ship. Even some of the guards from the ship will jump over to get closer to the girls.

Jump over to the ship, and assassinate your target.

With this guy dead, the mission is close to over.

First excape the party and become anon.

I jumped over the side. Swam to the nearby land, and hired some courtesans.

Now that you are anon a waypoint has appeared on your map.

Go back to the spot where this whole mission started. I'm not going to tell you how to get there. I used a boat.

When you get there Ezio, will find himself being very well rewarded.

Having a Blast will now be synched.