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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Cheaters Never Prosper

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Looks like we are now in a boxing match of sorts. This is actually the easiest of all four challenges.

Counter attack all of these opponents. They will go down pretty fast. This is a shot of a counter attack of the first opponent.s

A slightly better armored opponent will enter the ring.

Counter attack him until he goes down.

An armored brute will enter the ring.

Counter attack him until he goes down.

The templars will send one of their guys in to the ring.

I mainly dodged this guy's blows, and then stepped in for one of my own.

Counter attacks seem to work on him as well.

When he goes down the templar will bribe the guy running the event. He'll let these four armed guards fight you.

I guess that would be a problem for anyone else.

Counter attack and kill these guards. They die easily.

When they are all dead, you will be at the awards ceremony. Looks like you won the golden mask!

Guess again. The guys running the event were paid off. They give the mask to the templar you beat up in the boxing match.

Cheaters Never Prosper should now be synched. Well they should rename this mission to, Cheaters Almost Never Prosper.