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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough CTF

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The key to this mission is to get to the flag before your opponent.

Run across the roof top here.

Jump across the railings.

Run across the roof top here.

Run right off the edge. Ezio will drop down to a couple beams.

Keep running off the edge of this beam.

You'll take some damage.

Run through the flag.

Then climb this ladder, back up to the roof you jumped from.

Climb up the wall on your right.

Run to the little balcony.

Jump across the railings.

Take a look at your map. If you have some room, use to medicine to heal up.

When you are fully healed enter the waypoint.

You will reset at the exact same point. Do the same thing three times and you will win the capture the flag.

You will be awarded the win. There's some templar guys in the crowd. I expect to see them soon.

CTF should now be synched.