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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough And They're Off

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Well we've started another race. The first three or four waypoints will be in the street. I'll try to list all the waypoints here.

This way point is to the left of the first one.

Run up and over the bridge.

Round the corner to the right, to get to this waypoint.

Climb the boxes here. We are going to have a long series of waypoints where you are jumping along the side of a buliding. Don't go to the roof until I say to.

Keep moving along the side of this building. You can see the next waypoint to your left.

Jump to the beam, and then on to the platform the waypoint is on.

Jump from that platform to the light posts.

Cross both of the light posts here.

Jump to the platform, and then jump across to the next platform.

Jump off the edge here, and you'll grab a rope swing.

The rope swing will swing you around the corner.

Jump across the beams to the next waypoint.

Keep jumping across the beams until you get to a wooden platform.

Wall run up through the next waypoint.

Climb on to the roof.

Cross the rope bridge to the next waypoint.

Here's another shot of crossing the rope bridge.

Cross the next rope bridge.

Turn to your left, and you'll see another waypoint.

You can see the next waypoint in this photo. This is a flat out run to it. You'll have to jump some gaps to get there.

When you hit this waypoint keep running.

You'll hit a beam, and then dive into the water below the beam.

When you hit the water, swim towards the next waypoint.

After collecting the waypoint by the water, run through this tunnel.

Keep sprinting forward. Here's the next waypoint directly ahead. Just flat out sprint to finish the race.

The next waypoint.

This is the last waypoint.

You will be awarded as the winner.

There will be some very pouty templars.

And They're Off will now be synched.