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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Assume The Position

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Your target will be marked as a red waypoint on your map.

Leave your mercenaries a little ways away from the group of guards you need to kill.

Climb the nearby wall and get the drop on them.

Then bring in your troops.

When the guards are dead, a way point will appear. Walk into and you will place some of your mercs in this location.

A new red waypoint will appear on your map.

You might run into some trouble prior to getting to the group of guards that you need to kill. Honestly this all becomes easier if you leave your mercs a bit behind. Unfortunately random guards will attack your little band, so it is a bit risky to leave them too far behind.

As always kill everything. When all of the guards are dead, a blue waypoint will appear. Walk into it.

You will station some of your mercs here.

Another red waypoint will appear on your map. That's your next target area.

Leave your mercs a bit behind this time. There are only two guards to kill.

Climb up the nearby roof.

Then assassinate those two guards.

Walk into the waypoint.

You will leave the rest of your mercs at this location.

Assume the position will now be synched.