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Assassins Creed II Walkthrough Two Birds, One Blade

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A waypoint will appear at the tower you have to climb. You need to climb a high tower to signal the troops to attack.

When you reach the tower, start your climb facing East. So you will be climbing the West most facing wall.

Climb up to the window, then climbing jump up to the next ledge.

Grab the bottom of the cross. Then climbing jump up to the top of the cross.

Climb up to the top of the brick arches. Then climbing jump up to the next ledge.

Climbing jump up to the ledge on the column between the windows.

From there it's a straight climb to this ledge. Work your way to the right.

Round the corner, and then wall run up the steps.

The waypoint is at the top of the cross.

Bart is under attack. You need to go help him out.

Bart is marked on your map by a blue waypoint.

Dive off the cross in to the water towards Bart.

Swim to Bart, and then defend him.

The guy who was beating on bart will split the second he sees you.

Two brutes will attack you here. Take them out.

It's easy to assassinate the brutes.

Bart will chase the guy who ran off. Join the chase.

Start beating on the guy who ran away.

When you get him down to one life, which is pretty easy, he will run away again.

You've got five minutes to kill these two guys.

Give chase. If you don't know where they went, check your little map.

When you round this corner run up the boxes here. These guys are about to send a wave of guards at you. You can avoid them by taking this alternate route.

Jump across the beams to the rooftops.

Continue across the rooftops.

You will see the two guys you are chasing pause to catch their breath.

I decided to jump to the ground here, and continue the chase on foot.

I caught one of them here. The other guy beat feat while I was killing his buddy. Where's the loyalty?

You will track the other guy down to a boat he's waiting on.

Climb abord.

And then take him out.

Two Birds, One Blade will now be synched.

Venice Castello Treasure

Buy the Casello treasure map from a local artist.

This map will display all of the treasures in the Castello district on your map.

Treasure 1 Map

Treasure 1 Photo

Treasure 2 Map

Treasure 2 Photo

Treasure 3 Map

Treasure 3 Photo

Treasure 4 Map

Treasure 4 Photo

Treasure 5 Map

Treasure 5 Photo

Treasure 6 Map

Treasure 6 Photo

Treasure 7 Map

Treasure 7 Photo

Treasure 8 Map

Treasure 8 Photo

Treasure 9 Map

Treasure 9 Photo

Treasure 10 Map

Treasure 10 Photo

Treasure 11 Map

Treasure 11 Photo

Treasure 12 and 13 Map

There are four gaurds gaurding these two treasures. There are also another four guards roaming this area.

Since there are only mercenaries in this area, I decided to take these guards out solo style.

If you think you are going to need help with these guys, hire some of the nearby mercs.

Treasure 12 and 13 Photo

Treasure 14 Map

Treasure 14 Photo

Treasure 15 Map

Treasure 15 Photo

Treasure 16 Map

Treasure 16 Photo

Treasure 17 Map

Treasure 17 Photo

Treasure 18 Map

Treasure 18 Photo

Treasure 19 Map

Treasure 19 Photo

Treasure 20 Map

Treasure 20 Photo

Treasure 21 Map

Treasure 21 Photo

Treasure 22 Map

Treasure 22 Photo

Treasure 23 and 24 Map

There are four guards guarding these treasures. If you look to the left, you will see some courteans.

Hire them.

Send the girls in to distract the guards, and then walk in and loot the treasures.

Treasure 23 and 24 Photo